60% More Capacity for mini-VSAT Broadband Network

Commercial vessels around the world use KVH's mini-VSAT Broadband service to bring broadband connectivity onboard. Photo courtesy of Vroon.
Commercial vessels around the world use KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband service to bring broadband connectivity onboard. Photo courtesy of Vroon.

Already recognized as the world’s leading maritime VSAT service, KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network just got even better – with a 60% increase in satellite capacity for customers in Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa (EMEA). This region has a rapidly growing customer base for KVH satellite communications systems, which bring broadband connectivity to commercial vessels transiting the globe.

The added capacity was provided by consolidating bandwidth covering two separate regions into one powerful unified beam, and by implementing Variable Coding, Spreading, and Modulation (VCSM) technology provided by ViaSat, Inc., KVH’s partner in the mini-VSAT Broadband network.

“We actively monitor and manage our mini-VSAT Broadband network to ensure we are delivering the speeds and quality of service our customers expect,” explained Marc Edwards, KVH’s director of network operations. “Rapid growth of our customer base, which now includes well over 2,500 systems in the field, resulted in increased utilization of the network during peak periods in the EMEA region. We reconfigured our satellite coverage to more effectively serve this region with a single beam, which allows the ViaSat ArcLight® spread spectrum technology used in our network to more efficiently carry the traffic. At the same time we implemented VCSM, and the combination of changes increased our network capacity by 60% overall in the EMEA region.”

VCSM will be introduced throughout the remainder of the mini-VSAT Broadband network in coming months. For the new regions upgraded with VCSM, the mini-VSAT Broadband network capacity is anticipated to provide a 60% increase over what is currently delivered with the existing transmission technology.

KVH manufactures three onboard antennas for the mini-VSAT Broadband network – the new enterprise-grade TracPhone® V7-IP, the compact TracPhone V3, which is the world’s smallest maritime VSAT antenna measuring only 37 cm diameter, and the new dual-mode TracPhone V11, which provides coverage of 95% of the Earth thanks to its ability to receive both C- and Ku-band satellite signals.

The mini-VSAT Broadband service equips vessels with the highest data rates available today, with downloads as fast as 4 Mbps and uploads as fast as 1 Mbps, as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone lines with optimized service and prioritization of applications.

More information about the mini-VSAT Broadband network’s added capacity is available at KVH’s Press Room.

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