End the Maritime ITC and SATCOM Blame Game, Become an IT Hero

Deciphering Broadband at Sea maritime VSAT

The maritime IT and Communications (ITC) manager is often caught between a rock – the growing demand for cost-effective onboard broadband satellite Internet access – and a hard place – the limitations of the satellite provider’s technology and service offerings. However, when a SATCOM solution fails to deliver the speeds, savings, and capabilities that might have been expected, maritime companies need to focus on the source of the problem: the pitfalls built into traditional SATCOM service plans and technologies.

With any technical or operational challenge, achieving a different result requires a different approach. To solve the perennial problems that plague ITC managers and vessel crews, look beyond the old ways of doing things and seek out a service provider with a comprehensive SATCOM solution that addresses the traditional causes of the ITC manager pain points:

  1. Lack of transparency – it’s critical for ITC managers and ship operators to have a clear view of how much data they are using, what it’s being used for, and how their SATCOM service is performing.
  2. Lack of control – a truly effective SATCOM solution needs to offer ITC managers the ability to view and manage data use easily, not just on a shipwide level but also down to the individual users. This type of data allocation tool ensures that all users get the appropriate access to the Internet, email, and more while avoiding runaway data use and killer bills.
  3. A lack of understanding of the vessel’s true data needs – it’s impossible to deploy the right solution and service if the company and ITC manager doesn’t understand how much data the vessel and its crew will be using and for what. A true service partner will help develop a SATCOM strategy and solution that meets the ship’s actual needs both with an affordable, “fastest speed always” data plan as well as a multicasting approach to deliver data.

Watch the story of Robert, maritime ITC manager, and how how he looks to an innovative approach to define his SATCOM needs and expectations and then delivers a solution that meets everyone’s needs.


Deciphering Broadband at Sea maritime VSAT

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