Five Senses or More: Creating a Digital Approach through Sensor Fusion

It’s one of those bits of science education drilled into us when we’re young – identifying  and understanding our five senses. We take them for granted every day as our brains synthesize multiple data streams so we understand where we are and what we’re experiencing. Any one sense is valuable but when they work in concert, we  comprehend more deeply our multi-dimensional world.

inflightrefuelingWhat our brains are doing is a complex form of sensor fusion. For unmanned and autonomous vehicles, that same approach to assimilating multiple sensor data streams is creating new capabilities and opening new paths for our mechanical marvels to operate.

At 2:00 PM on December 6, 2016, Dr. Jeff Fayman, VP Business and Product Development, Geodetics, Inc., and Sean McCormack, Director, FOG & OEM Sales, KVH Industries, Inc., will be taking a closer look at advances in this area in the new IEEE Tech Insider webinar, “Sensor Fusion: Potential, Challenges, and Applications.”

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Get insights from leaders in the field on how we’re teaching machines to use all their sensors  to operate in and better navigate our multi-dimensional world.


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