FOG’s Precision & Versatility Key for Autonomous Platform Navigation

fiber optic gyro
KVH's new DSP-1760 FOG features an innovative, multi-axis design.

The value of an autonomous platform is usually directly related to how precisely it can be controlled. Engineers assigned the control development task quickly understand the importance of accurate sensor data as the basis of their guidance subsystems.

fiber optic gyro
KVH’s new DSP-1760 FOG is a compact, multi-axis solution with maximum versatility, including choice of interface: 13-pin circular connector (top), or 15-pin Micro-D connector (bottom).

KVH’s new DSP-1760 fiber optic gyro (FOG) is designed for those situations where extremely accurate data is required, whether it is a mining automation system that requires highly accurate navigation support or a pipeline inspection robot that needs sensors for precise location and identification inside the pipe.

The DSP-1760 FOG  features an innovative, multi-axis design that combines 1, 2, or 3 axes of the world’s smallest high-performance FOGs within an easy-to-integrate housing, providing both versatility and compact size. Depending on the application, the best-suited combination of axes is integrated within an environmentally sealed, lightweight enclosure, ensuring reliability and durability for any installation.

To meet as many applications as possible, the DSP-1760 also is offered in a choice of two interfaces – a 15-pin Micro-D connector or a 13-pin circular connector. The dual-interface capability creates a total of six product configurations, with each one aimed at addressing the individual end-user requirements.

“By making the DSP-1760 available in six different configurations, we are providing maximum versatility for the most challenging design projects,” says Jay Napoli, KVH’s vice president of FOG/OEM sales. “Customers are getting the high performance of the world’s smallest precision FOGs and the consistent quality of the optical fiber, which is manufactured by KVH. Other FOG manufacturers can’t match that kind of reliability.”

The DSP-1760 is the latest addition to KVH’s line of precision FOGs and FOG-based products, including inertial measurement units (IMUs) and integrated GPS/IMU products. Visit the KVH FOG microsite for information about the entire series of small, powerful navigation and stabilization sensor system products.

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