4 Simple Questions to Get the Right SATCOM Solution for your Fleet

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Greater automation and remote control, as well as the incorporation of the onboard Internet of Things, are driving increased demand for a SATCOM solution that can send larger amounts of data affordably and reliably from ship to shore and back. And don’t forget the presence of a new generation of seafarers, the digital natives who expect to remain abreast of current affairs and in touch with family and friends while on tours of duty.

It’s hard to imagine how one could run a modern fleet without maritime satellite services. But every fleet has unique needs and with them comes the challenge of selecting the right SATCOM solution for those needs. As managers review plans and pricing scenarios, you may want to ask these four questions of providers to find out what you’re really paying for, and receiving, in return:

  1. Will I really receive “unlimited” access at my contracted access speed?
  2. Will Internet users onboard ship actually experience the promised speed?
  3. How does the service provider manage network performance?
  4. What tools are provided to monitor data usage?

Asking the right questions up front is the best way to make sure you end up with the right solution for your vessels. Arriving at the final decision for your fleet requires you take the time and make the effort to assess critical needs, expectations for growth, and what factors will offer the greatest advantage in an increasingly competitive industry.

Ultimately, what you seek is an approach to maritime satellite pricing, delivery, and management that works for your fleet today and tomorrow.

Find out more about the Four Questions and what they mean for your SATCOM Solution:

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