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It’s impossible to go a day without seeing unmanned systems in the news:

It’s becoming an unmanned world and we’re lucky enough to be living in it.

At KVH, we want to do more than just live in the unmanned world. We’re working to bring that unmanned world ever closer to reality and to improving our lives. Our versatile Fiber Optic Gyros (FOGs), FOG-based inertial navigation systems (INS) and inertial measurement units (IMU) play vital roles in a range of applications, including:

Navigation and control for remotely operated vehicles, unmanned and autonomous systems for land, air, and marine application, robotics, and driverless vehicles

Positioning and imaging for land and aerial mapping and surveying, subsurface exploration, and pipeline inspection

Stabilization and orientation for unmanned and autonomous payloads, platform stabilization, robotics, and humanoid robots

Because we recognize the tremendous potential for these markets, we’ve launched a new online resource specifically for the unmanned and autonomous industries. Our new website,, offers a detailed look at our proven solutions for inertial navigation, GNSS-denied navigation, positioning, and more.

It offers an insider’s look at emerging applications as well as how forward-thinking engineers are applying KVH’s sensors in cutting-edge commercial positioning and navigation systems for unmanned and autonomous platforms and challenges.

Come take a look, check out the videos of some cool applications, download free papers and infographics. Discover how exciting this new unmanned world will be.

Visit for INS, IMU, and FOG application and product details

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