Hear from the Experts: Miniature Subsea Robotics & Sensor Fusion

benk_seanmMost people working with unmanned and autonomous systems, whether on land, in the air or under the sea, believe that true autonomous navigation capability will require a solution using sensor fusion – that is, the integration of different and complementary sensors with each acting as backup to the others.

In the new IEEE webinar, “Realizing New Potentials in Miniature Subsea Robotics,” Ben Kinnaman, CEO and President of Greensea Systems, Inc., and Sean McCormack, Director of FOG & OEM Sales at KVH, take a close look at how sensor fusion is integrated into undersea platforms to deliver levels of advanced navigation and automation previously unavailable.

Join Ben and Sean as they look at why sensor fusion is critical, the advantages that it offers for unmanned and autonomous vehicles, and how Greensea seamlessly integrated KVH inertial measurement units (IMUs) into their overall navigation and control solution.

When: November 8, 2016 at 2PM

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