Invest in a Preventative Maintenance Check for Your VSAT: You’ll be Glad You Did

As part of the KVH OneCare global support program, the Preventative Maintenance Check has the value of an oil change in a vehicle – regularly done, it keeps systems running smoothly.

tracphonev11ip_install_350pxIn fact, the returns on an annual PM Check to sophisticated KVH SATCOM systems exposed to the harsh marine environment go beyond simply ensuring your KVH products run at peak efficiency. It also helps you protect your VSAT investment, makes operating costs more predictable, maximizes up-time, and results in optimal functionality.

“The benefit to the customer is uptime, which is critical,” says Joe Wallace, manager of the KVH Global Field Service department. “The demands in the maritime business are high. Every minute ships are delayed outside of a port because something isn’t working costs tens of thousands of dollars. And as connectivity expands to accommodate the Internet of Things and Big Data, those demands will only increase.”

The PM Check includes an inspection of all onboard equipment covered by the technical assistance package and is performed by a KVH Certified Support Network (CSN) partner. It identifies possible failure modes before they affect critical operations. Also, system configurations and software are updated and cables are re-terminated as necessary to optimize performance.

The result of the PM Check is a detailed report that includes material findings for additional maintenance or corrective mechanical or electrical work. This report is delivered to the customer as well as to the CSN partner for review, and a follow-up visit for those corrective actions can be scheduled as appropriate.

If you’re interested in learning more about the PM Check, contact KVH at [email protected] or your local CSN partner.


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