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KVH Deciphering Broadband maritime SATCOM solutions

KVH Deciphering Broadband maritime SATCOM solutions

It’s easy to think of maritime satellite communications strictly in terms of data speed and monthly costs and solely as a basic communications tool. But as a fleet ITC manager, your mission is to deliver technology solutions on many fronts. Don’t miss out on the chance to consider how a next-generation maritime VSAT system can can deliver huge (and affordable) benefits to every stakeholder in your fleet.

KVH’s new resource, “The ITC Manager’s Checklist for Effective Maritime SATCOM Solutions,” offers an overview of some of the elements involved in successfully meeting operational requirements along with the budget bottom line. It also helps you account for a wide range of questions that you might not have considered but that can be invaluable when you’re trying to deliver a marine SATCOM solution that meets the needs and wants of everyone onboard and on land.

Bonus: while the entire checklist is designed for use in print, it is also an interactive PDF ideal for use on your laptop or tablet to capture valuable information. In addition, it includes a guide to best practices as well as a comparison table of airtime service plan types. Use it as a resource with your fleet, and do yourself and your stakeholders a big favor.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. Basics: Tally the who, what, where of ship and crew.
  2. Finance: Know all the numbers, not just the budget-related ones. How much bandwidth is used now? How much in the future? Will the SATCOM solutions you’re considering support all of your needs affordably?
  3. Operations: Big Data is revolutionizing the world of commercial shipping. How extensively is your organization is onboard and what does that mean to your data requirements?
  4. Crew Welfare: Access to entertainment, news, and family back home are critical for morale. How will you deliver?
  5. Security: Vessel tracking, video surveillance, and closed circuit TV aid transparency and control. Have you factored these into your data plan?
  6. Engineering: Will your vessels be equipped with equipment monitoring sensors? Do you have an affordable means of getting the data off the vessel?

Download your copy of the free complete checklist today.

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