KVH OneCare: Five Questions with Jeff Greer, Vice President, Operations

“When people buy a KVH product or solution, we want their experience to be great at every stage of the journey,” says Jeff Greer, KVH vice president of operations. “KVH OneCare is designed to support every one of our customers during their life cycle journey with KVH – ensuring that they receive effective solutions, reliable services, and trusted products.”

A trio of benefits that solve the needs of the KVH customer form key aspects of the KVH OneCare program:

  1. Application Engineering: KVH works with customers to design a fully-integrated communications solution.
  2. Solution Deployment: KVH coordinates landside and on-vessel equipment installation to ensure minimum downtime.
  3. Operating Support: The marine environment is harsh; KVH focuses on ensuring the long-term health of the customer’s SATCOM investment.

We caught up with Greer to hear more about his philosophy and how KVH OneCare is supporting KVH customers worldwide.

1. What makes you passionate about KVH OneCare?

jeffgreer_kvhonecareJG: If you’ve ever been to sea, it’s a pretty desolate place. We’re enhancing the quality of people’s lives while they’re at sea. A well-run ship is a better ship to work on or be on. And, while you’re onboard, to have intellectual stimulation, entertainment, education, and to be able to interact with your loved ones is what makes the experience a good one. KVH OneCare is the way that KVH ensures that all that happens, and happens seamlessly.

2. What do you do daily to ensure that KVH customers have the best possible experience?

JG: Our goal is to make service effortless for our customers. We need to be there for our customer when they need us. So, we work on preventative measures, design level measures, and reactive measures. We have a list of projects under way on any given day to further improve the customer experience. I challenged my staff in 2016 to come up with a thousand micro improvements by year’s end.

We want to design an exceptional experience for customers and then work at the preventative level to make sure it’s delivered every day. We also must listen to our customers. That’s why we created the Positive Customer Experience Policy. We want customers to enjoy their KVH product or service and if they’re not happy we’d like to hear from them. Our dedicated email address – [email protected] – ensures a rapid response to customer concerns.

We also take the “failure analysis” approach used in engineering, and apply it to our services. We’re sensitive to ensuring customers have an outstanding experience. When they complain, we have a process for customer recovery: We do failure analysis on the fundamental basis of the complaint, and then carry out corrective actions for continuous improvement and retention of the valued relationship with our customer.

3. Why should the mini-VSAT Broadband customer care about this type of attention?

JG: Anybody who is running a ship, whether it’s the owner, fleet management, government agency, military – whatever — anybody who goes to sea is doing it for a reason, whether it’s recreational or business. When they’re out there, everything just needs to work.

You can buy a new car, and everybody knows you have to change the oil every couple of thousand miles, rotate the tires, get the antifreeze checked every fall. Just because you buy doesn’t mean it’s going to run in perpetuity. It needs maintenance.

With KVH OneCare we can help an owner or fleet management company get the best possible communications system. We can help them get it deployed on the vessels and make sure it works every day so they can focus on their primary reason for being at sea.

4. What does the program solve for our customers in terms of cost and return on their investment?

JG: If it’s the middle of the night on the other side of the world, you don’t want your service response delayed. Every hour a ship is in port it’s not making money and it’s paying port fees. It’s really important to get in and out fast when there’s an issue that needs to be addressed. KVH OneCare makes it possible for KVH to ensure an effortless experience for our customers and maximize operational uptime or restore them to full operation as fast as possible.

5. The Positive Customer Experience is now a mission for KVH: What does it really mean for our customers?

JG: We think of our customers and potential customers as our friends and we want to be there for them. If there are any issues, we will get them resolved — quickly, easily, and with minimal frustration.

By stating our policy in the affirmative, it communicates that we want to partner with you and we want you to have an excellent experience. It helps bring good focus to all our internal resources. We commit to providing a good customer experience, at all times, worldwide.


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