KVH Value-added Service Spotlight: Vessel Tracking

Understanding where your vessel is and tracking its route are critical to its efficient operation and vital for security and safety at sea. For leisure vessels, vessel tracking creates peace of mind and is invaluable to charter operations as well as to family on shore who want to follow your progress.

And for commercial vessels, it can help avoid areas with known risks, ensure that operations on shore are aware of the status and location of every vessel in the fleet in real-time, and offers better crisis management. It provides documentation of onboard events and can identify unauthorized port calls. Additionally, it meets increased regulatory requirements with maritime security organizations.

With these needs in mind, KVH provides vessel tracking for every one of its TracPhone VSAT antennas.

What is KVH Vessel Tracking?

KVH’s versatile Vessel Tracking Service gathers real-time position information calculated by the GPS integrated within every TracPhone VSAT terminal and delivered, at no cost to you, through the secure myKVH Portal’s mini-VSAT Manager suite of tools. The Vessel Tracking Service offers the detailed and up-to-date historical track and position data you need at any time and from any Internet-connected device.

What types of tracking and reports are available?

Every KVH TracPhone VSAT customer enjoys the Basic Vessel Tracking at no cost. Using this option, you can view the vessel’s track for the past five hours as well as the vessel’s speed for the past hour.

The Premium Vessel Tracking option ($49 per month) provides the vessel track for any hour, day, week, or month within the past year’s use of an active KVH TracPhone VSAT terminal. In addition to an on-map display of your track, enjoy instant access to the Latest Position Report, which includes the latest known vessel position, and the Weekly Position Report, which contains the last eight days of all available vessel positions.

How often is the information updated?

Vessel position is updated as frequently as every 90 seconds*, resulting in a highly detailed track.

What are some of the applications of this Vessel Tracking data?

Here are a few ways it can be a benefit to you:

  • Use vessel position as part of your internal reporting and management tools
  • Qualify for Pay-As-You-Sail licensing of maritime chart services
  • Maintain a historical visual reference for investigating and reviewing vessel locations and events
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