Maritime SATCOM Innovations Unveiled

As broadband connectivity continues to transform every aspect of daily life on land, several innovations from leading maritime satellite communications provider KVH have the potential to transform life for mariners at sea. KVH’s CEO, Martin Kits van Heyningen, describes the new developments:

[youtube IKpnb3zmgYk]

Three new TracPhone V-IP  satellite communications terminals – TracPhone V3-IP, TracPhone V7-IP, and TracPhone V11-IP – have the power to bring fast, affordable satellite Internet and phone to vessels worldwide, and are designed for KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband service, the world’s leading maritime VSAT choice.

The TracPhone V-IP terminals feature an innovative belowdecks unit called the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM), which is a streamlined antenna control unit, CommBox Network Manager, and modem all in one 2U-high unit. The ICM was designed to solve several key problems for maritime operations: the compact size of the ICM frees up valuable belowdecks space, and the ICM’s built-in CommBox gives vessel operators the ability to easily control onboard bandwidth, ensuring that crew and operations both have access when they need it most.

The ICM is also the onboard hub that will bring KVH’s breakthrough content delivery service to a vessel. Called IP-MobileCast, the new content delivery service utilizes multicasting technology to provide fast, affordable delivery of such premium content as Hollywood movies, sports, news, electronic charts, weather data, and more.

“Our exciting new mini-VSAT Broadband end-to-end solutions empower you to deliver the bandwidth your operations demand, keep your crew happy, and manage your budget, all at the same time,” says Kits van Heyningen.

For more information about the new developments, visit KVH’s online Press Room.

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