Modular Technology Comes to Autonomous Vehicles

KVH inertial systems play a key role in driverless cars and autonomous vehicles

It was great to see AutonomouStuff (AS), one of our customers, featured in the cover story for the Spring 2017 issue of Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) magazine. The article looks at the unique mix-and-match approach used by AS to create autonomous vehicles for self-driving car projects along with the key elements that make up the AS autonomous car by-wire kit.

While the UST article isn’t available online, you can hear directly from AutonomouStuff about their groundbreaking tech in the IEEE Tech Insider webinar, “Inertial Solutions in Autonomous Ground Reference Systems.” This webinar brings together Terry Lemprecht from AS; Sheena Dixon, who is the product manager of the NovAtel SPAN product line; and Sean McCormack, KVH’s director of FOG/OEM business development.

The webinar takes a deeper dive into the Automated Research Development Platforms developed by AS for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) advanced algorithm development, and automated driving initiatives. In addition, you get a closer look at how inertial navigation solutions from KVH and GNSS technology from NovAtel are integrated into each of these Automated Research platforms.

If you just can’t get enough about unmanned technology and autonomous vehicles, check out the other webinars in the KVH Unmanned and Autonomous Webinar Series which tackle such topics as solving the navigation and control challenges of miniaturized subsea robotics, and the successful application of sensor fusion solutions in unmanned aerial platforms.

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