New LinkedIn Group for KVH Technicians

KVH has launched a new KVH Technicians group on LinkedIn. This group was created to provide a forum for all KVH technicians and employees worldwide to share valuable technical information related to the installation and service of KVH products, such as TracPhone maritime VSAT systems, TracVision satellite TV, and more.

Join the KVH Technicians LinkedIn Group“It’s a great way for us to disseminate all kinds of installation and troubleshooting information quickly to the global technician community,” says Mike Nelson, KVH product documentation and training manager. “Some examples of content might include software update notices, installation tips and tricks, training announcements, and user manual changes. We also encourage technicians to post their own feedback, experiences, and solutions.”

How to Join

Membership is limited to technicians and technical salespeople who are registered on the KVH Partner Portal. To join the group, log into the Portal then click the Join our LinkedIn Technicians Group button in the sidebar. You will be redirected to the group page on LinkedIn. Once there, click the Ask to Join button. Your membership will be accepted as soon as KVH confirms your identity. If you use a different email address for LinkedIn than you do for the KVH Partner Portal, approval might take a day or two.

Once you’ve become a member, you can access the group at LinkedIn (go to Interests>Groups> My Groups>KVH Technicians, or search for “KVH Technicians”). You may also use the convenient LinkedIn app on any iOS or Android device.

KVH TracPhone V7 maritime satellite communication solution installation

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