Numbers Don’t Lie – Crew Welfare Driving Maritime SATCOM Growth

Maritime crews rely on KVH mini-VSAT Broadband and IP-MobileCast to provide Internet and content at sea

Maritime crews rely on KVH mini-VSAT Broadband and IP-MobileCast to provide Internet and content at seaIn a white paper just released by Futurenautics, crew welfare is a key area in which ship operators expect to see a significant growth in data use in the next three years.

While claims that operational categories were the most important factors for determining satellite communications needs, crew welfare superseded those segments significantly. Crew-related data demands — particularly, to have Internet access and to talk to family and friends either by video chat or by sat phone — are expected to increase to 34 percent by 2019.

Overall, operators predict that ship-to-shore data traffic will increase by nearly 60 percent over the next 2-3 years, according to the report, with shore-to-ship data hikes similar in magnitude.

In a time of rapidly advancing technologies, the maritime shipping sector is increasingly turning to sophisticated systems to handle communications needs as well as maintain the competitive edge. Overwhelmingly, fleet managers and operators are accepting higher bandwidth technologies such as affordable VSAT to solve long-term offshore communications requirements, the report states.

Read the full Futurenautics report and learn more about how connectivity influences crew employment choices. Also find out how operators can address offshore communications needs now and in the future.

Fleet managers faced with choosing a reliable, long-term offshore communications plan may find useful perspective in “Getting Your Maritime Connectivity Strategy Right – Challenges and Best Practices,” Article No. 4 in the “Deciphering Broadband at Sea” series by KVH Industries.


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