On the Boat: Easy Installation with the TracPhone V3

Installing the KVH TracPhone V3
The TracPhone V3, the world's smallest maritime VSAT system

Earlier this year, we introduced the maritime industry to the TracPhone® V3, the world’s smallest marine VSAT system. This ultra-compact antenna, together with the mini-VSAT Broadband network, offers a perfect global solution to two of the big challenges that face vessel operators and boat owners who want to add SATCOM as a resource at sea:

  1. It’s incredibly affordable ($0.99 per MB and $0.49 per minute for voice calls worldwide) and fast (downloads as fast at 2Mbps) compared to the only other compact solution out there, Inmarsat, which maxes out at 432 Kbps and can cost as much as $32 per MB for data, depending on which Inmarsat service you’re using.
  2. It’s unbelievably simple to install and use thanks to its “everything you need in one box” approach, especially when you look at the complexity that comes with other VSAT solutions – massive antennas that required a crane and were impractical for many vessels, modems made by other companies, a rat’s nest of cables, and a patchwork of airtime service providers.
It’s item #2 that’s of interest here today. Our conversations with boat owners, marine technicians, and industry pros all pointed to the time and frustration of installing and servicing a maritime VSAT system as a major problem that was holding back the growth and acceptance of VSAT service at sea. Frankly, no one wanted to have their vessel tied up for 2-3 days while the vessel superstructure was reinforced, the antenna was installed, the unit was tied into the ship’s gyrocompass so it would know where to look for the satellites, and the different components from different manufacturers were laboriously wired together.

With that in mind, we took a different approach, using spread spectrum technology to create a line of antennas that can be installed in a matter of a few hours, that were compact enough to fit even on a 35-40 foot leisure boat, and that offered everything that would be needed for SATCOM at sea in a single end-to-end solution. Take a look at the video below or on our YouTube Channel to see exactly what we mean.

[youtube ifhVFMHqZtg]

Interested in learning more? Visit our mini-VSAT Broadband resource page or talk to a TracPhone V3 dealer near you!

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