“Paperless Ship, Ho!”

Did you know that the day of the “paperless ship” looms on the horizon? In 2015, InterManager, the trade association for ship managers, as well as other bodies, drew up guidelines and blueprints for the transition at a meeting in Oslo, Norway, declaring it a key area of potentially significant benefit to the shipping industry.

“The burden of administrative tasks falling on seafarers in today’s shipping industry is significant,” said Gerardo Borromeo, InterManager president. “Industry surveys have indicated that the volume of red tape is one of the factors adversely affecting recruitment. InterManager aims to improve this situation not just for today’s seafarers but also for tomorrow’s.”

Cutting out the red tape more and more involves the use of Internet-based software, so any directive such as this can’t overlook the need for seamless offshore communications. Yet how are time-constrained fleet managers to discern which satellite broadband package delivers exactly what they need without wrecking the budget?

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