Remote Access is Changing Shipping for the Better

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Just recently, Bureau Veritas and a Dutch shipowner have successfully completed a pilot for “live remote class surveys.” (1)

Similarly, Lloyd’s Register reported that in March, the number of complex remote surveys increased by 25%, with them now highlighting remote access to onboard data for making engineering decisions and recommendations is now considered ‘of utmost importance for smooth business operations.’ (2)

The rise of the importance of remote access in servicing vessels has also been expressed by DNV GL. The company has seen a 30% increase in remote surveying, whilst the benefits of remote access in servicing machinery maintenance have reduced service visits and manual checking of logs considerably. According to DNV GL’s data, the administration workload for a 50-vessel fleet has been dramatically reduced from several days to just around four hours. (3)

These cases reflect how the global pandemic has put shipping on a fast-track in terms of digitalization, and how crucial connectivity to onboard data and remote access is for fleets.

IoT Solution

It is evident that the marine industry requires an IoT architecture that is not limited to low-bandwidth or near-shore connectivity. It requires real-time deep-sea connectivity with the ability to act on the data that is being shared, collected, or processed.

KVH Watch answers this call by providing its subscribers with the perfect combination of a secure dedicated communication channel and the ability to schedule Remote Expert Interventions for live video collaboration.

This powerful combination allows for the digital support of surveys anywhere around the globe utilizing deep-sea voyages time to ensure crew, cargo, and ship are ready for the next port of call.

How would IoT connectivity help your business?

Explore the benefits of KVH Watch

KVH Watch is a versatile tool that is optimized for use at sea via satellite to meet your diverse IoT needs:

  • Remote Expert Intervention offers on-demand video-enabled remote support sessions to permit experts to guide personnel onboard.
  • Flow provides access to 24/7/365 data connections with packages tailored to cover your total monthly requirements.

All available with deep-sea connectivity – discover KVH Watch today.

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