Sailing to the Horizon with SATCOM that Delivers

SY Destination is equipped with two KVH TracPhone V11-IP VSAT systems, delivering global satellite communications and Internet connectivity

Here at KVH, we start every day with a goal of helping people on the move stay connected, wherever they go and knowing that we’ve succeeded makes it all worthwhile. That’s why it’s always a great pleasure to hear from one of our customers like Captain Mike Lawrence, captain of the SY Destination (plus the photo he sent us is pretty awesome).

The luxury 41-m sailing yacht, built in 2003, was equipped with twin TracPhone V11-IP systems in 2014 during a major electronics upgrade. These powerful VSAT antennas are unique in their dual band – Ku-band and C-band – design, which provides global coverage and built-in redundant communications for unmatched service.

“We had previously just had [Inmarsat] Fleet products onboard and we were very impressed with how easy the installation and commissioning was. Since then we have been around the globe with over 45,000 miles under our hull.

“Both units are connected together and it makes it a trouble-free installation which seamlessly switches from one side to another if there is any blockages, which is a common thing on a sail boat with today’s carbon sails.” – Captain Mike Lawrence

We live in a digital, connected world and for most of us, being on the move is no excuse for losing our connections. It’s no different aboard Destination, where the owners, charter guests, and crew all expect to be able to connect to their friends, family, and businesses on shore at all times.

“I constantly hear from other boat with VSAT antennas and speeds not living up to what was sold but we have had good speeds all through the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian oceans and through the Mediterranean. I could not imagine using other VSAT hardware or service provider.

“This year we will be heading back into the Pacific via Antarctica and knowing the V11-IP works like its advertised makes it once less thing to worry about in the awkward conditions of the Southern Ocean.” – Captain Mike Lawrence

Thanks for letting us know, Captain Lawrence, and safe sailing to you, your guests, and your crew. And stay in touch…with the TracPhone V11-IP onboard, you won’t have any trouble with that!

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