A SATCOM Checklist for the Maritime ITC Manager

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You’re the ITC manager and your mission is clear: Deliver a satellite communications solution for the fleet and while you’re at it, hit these targets:

  • Meet the company’s operational needs
  • Satisfy shore and sea-based stakeholders
  • Don’t let it exceed the bottom line

Impossible? Not at all. Here’s an interactive guide for ITC managers from KVH that offers questions and options for each of your fleet’s business areas – operations, human resources/manning, safety and security, finance, engineering, and more – to assist in your planning, highlight new functions for consideration, and serve as a valuable tool as you create your SATCOM strategy.

Completing the checklist and assessment of needs will deliver a:

  • Better understanding of focus areas your service provider will need to address
  • Clear picture of your stakeholders’ requirements
  • Realistic assessment of anticipated data usage for operations and crew as well as your speed requirements

Knowing these details helps reduce your risk of selecting a service and package based on limited past use, rather than on your fleet’s future needs. If you’re still uncertain about committing to a VSAT service, there’s a no commitment, hassle-free solution for you: AgilePlans by KVH.

Download the “The ITC Manager’s Checklist for Effective Maritime SATCOM Solutions”

And here’s a tip: while the checklist is designed for use in print, as mentioned above, it is also an interactive PDF ideal for use on your laptop or tablet. In addition, it includes a guide to best practices as well as a comparison table of airtime service plan types. Use it as a resource with your fleet, and do yourself and your stakeholders a big favor.

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