Seafarers Internet Access: Focus of New KVH Tutorials

KVH offers three options for managing crew connectivity onboard: via the crew allocation setting within the KVH TracPhone system; via CREWlink for prepaid services; or via QuickCrew, a CommBox network manager option. Whatever method your fleet has chosen, it helps if crew members can access “how-to” guides for the service they have onboard.

Mike Nelson, KVH Product Documentation & Training Manager

Mike Nelson, KVH’s award-winning producer of training videos, has made that happen with a series of 10 brief video tutorials on using the mini-VSAT Broadband service. The videos provide an overview of connectivity via each option, including how to make voice calls (applicable to CREWlink users), and how to gain access to the Internet via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

“With these short videos, my goal was to show how easy it is to use our connectivity solutions to stay in touch with family and friends,” Nelson says. “As a U.S. Navy veteran, I understand the loneliness that often comes with living and working at sea. The months of isolation can really get to you. So, I know the substantial value of our product and how it can boost morale. The crew just needs to be educated about it.”

Nelson has added a personal touch to the work: The voice you hear picking up the phone and saying “hello,” is that of his wife, Diane.

Watch the KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Crew Training Series here.


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