TracPhone LTE-1: Save Your Cell Service for the Sea Shore

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Ah…the joys of being on the open water… fresh air, clear sky, pleasant wind, the thrill of cruising or sailing just for the adventure! Of course, there is the lack of Internet access, no streaming music, poor coverage, and slow or non-existent cell phone service. Kind of takes the wind out of your sails, doesn’t it?

Boaters have long confronted the challenge of staying digitally connected once they head offshore and, being an innovative lot, they developed some survival skills when it comes to offshore connectivity. Some boaters tether their laptops to their cell phones or use mobile hot spots, although these “solutions” come with their own host of battery-draining performance issues. Other boaters try to create their own onboard network with cellular extenders, often with frustrating DIY results. All these efforts are in pursuit of an elusive digital environment like the one they so effortlessly enjoy on land.

The reality is that cell phones are an integral part of everyday, “every minute” life even when offshore. It keeps us connected to everything that’s important and, let’s admit it, unimportant. And, with sometimes limited range and coverage, the cell phones we love so much can be a source of frustration. This is especially true for boaters who find themselves without much of an option when they head offshore. Or, after the kids spend the weekend on the boat streaming TV shows, you discover that your personal cell phone plan is maxed out, forcing you to buy even more data you can get the connections you need when you’re not on the boat.

So how do you save your cell phone data plan for the majority of the month when, sadly, you aren’t on your boat AND stay connected when you go beyond the range of the smartphone antenna in your pocket?

KVH, TracPhone LTE-1, cellular data plans, Internet for boats, recreational boating
The KVH TracPhone LTE‑1 delivers high-performance LTE service faster than 4G for HD streaming and Internet more than 20 miles offshore in the U.S.

Now you can search for adventure, not a signal, with the new KVH TracPhone LTE-1.

Launched in June 2018, the TracPhone LTE-1 delivers high-performance LTE service faster than 4G for HD streaming and Internet more than 20 miles offshore in the U.S.

Adding a system like the TracPhone LTE-1 with its dedicated 20 GB monthly data plan saves the use of your personal cell phone’s data for when you really need it on shore while offering extended range, faster speeds offshore, and Wi-Fi support for as many as 30 devices. Now, boaters can enjoy more reliable coverage and faster speeds than with a typical cell phone without the hassles that come with tethering or personal hot spots or the frustration of being left with a maxed out cellular data plan only midway through the month.

Ah, the joys of being on the open water!


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  1. j’ai un probleme de service apres vente pour une antenne G6HP tracvision
    pourriez vous me communiquer une adresse pour les contacter

    • Salut Michel. Un membre de notre équipe de support technique vous contactera pour vous aider.

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