TracPhone V3 and TracVision HD11 Win NMEA Product Awards

marine satellite TV system
KVH's TracVision products have won NMEA product awards for 16 consecutive years.
marine VSAT system for satellite Internet and phone
Marine VSAT systems such as KVH’s TracPhone V3-IP enable boaters to stay connected from the boat.

Capping the annual conference of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) last week in San Diego was the announcement of the group’s annual product awards – and receiving one of those awards is an honor all the more significant when one realizes the expert professionals who cast their votes. NMEA is an industry group made up of more than 600 companies, including manufacturers, dealers, and boat builders – in other words, the people who really know marine electronics.

KVH was doubly honored, then, to receive two NMEA product awards: TracPhone V3 received the “Communications Product Award,” and TracVision HD11 received the “Entertainment Product Award.”

“Winning the recognition of our distribution channel partners is extremely gratifying for us,” said Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH’s CEO. “It is especially meaningful coming from skilled NMEA members, who have firsthand experience with the installation and performance of our products, as well as those of our competitors. They work with our TracVision and TracPhone systems every day, and we consider their recognition as the highest honor.”

Both products, as it turns out, speak to the current trend among boat owners who are looking for products and services that enable them to spend more time on their boat.

marine satellite TV system
KVH’s TracVision products have won NMEA product awards for 16 consecutive years.

TracPhone V3 is an extremely compact Ku-band VSAT antenna that provides broadband connectivity to boats as small as 30 feet. Designed for today’s era of increasing reliance on the Internet and social media, TracPhone V3 enables boat owners to stay connected no matter where they may be cruising. One boat owner even used TracPhone V3 to video message with his grandchildren while crossing the Atlantic. The system utilizes KVH’s worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network, which is the only maritime network using spread spectrum technology (similar to that used in the high-powered 3G and 4G networks on land). This advanced technology makes it possible to offer broadband speeds at up to 2 Mbps with affordable airtime rates as low as $0.49 per MB.

TracVision HD11 helps boat owners satisfy that desire to see the world from their boat, and also keep up with their favorite programs. TracVision HD11 is the world’s first truly global satellite TV system with full HD support. Its advanced features include 4-axis stabilized tracking, which ensures superior reception in all locations and conditions, and a digitally programmable Universal World LNB that provides full compatibility with nearly all direct-to-home standard and HD satellite TV services. Simple to use, the TracVision HD11 system automatically tracks any of the more than 100 satellites contained in its worldwide TV satellite library.

Traveling the world by ocean and staying connected with satellite TV and Internet? Drop us a line from your favorite harbor. For KVH, San Diego last week couldn’t be topped!


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