TracPhone V3-IP: Streamlined SATCOM Solution

New SATCOM solution for the era of onboard networking: KVH's TracPhone V3-IP with a streamlined belowdecks Integrated CommBox Modem.

Streamlined in physical dimensions, and in ease of use, KVH’s new TracPhone V3-IP satellite communications system provides a powerful, ultra-compact solution for maritime SATCOM. With a 37 cm (14.5 inch) diameter antenna dish, TracPhone V3-IP is the world’s smallest maritime VSAT antenna. The system’s belowdecks unit is particularly streamlined, reducing a stack of components to a sleek 2U high box: the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM).

New SATCOM solution for the era of onboard networking: KVH’s TracPhone V3-IP with a streamlined belowdecks Integrated CommBox Modem.

The ICM includes an IP-enabled antenna control unit, built-in CommBox™ Ship/Shore Network Manager, and ArcLight® spread spectrum modem with IP voice capability, Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi connectivity. With the ICM, the TracPhone V3-IP solves the dilemma faced by commercial maritime companies today who are struggling with outdated SATCOM systems while experiencing an ever-increasing need for broadband connectivity at sea to improve operational efficiencies, provide crew morale benefits, and satisfy new mandates to reduce emissions and keep electronic charts  up to date.

The TracPhone V3-IP provides extensive functionality to help manage onboard networks both from the vessel’s computers and remotely from the ship owner’s headquarters. A browser-based user interface that can even be accessed via an optional iPhone® app makes the system itself very easy for the crew to operate. The new ICM provides a full suite of onboard services optimized for satellite communications, including crystal clear VoIP calling, Internet café, crew calling, managed e-mail, secure file delivery, and remote network access.

“Introducing the TracPhone V3-IP is a significant development in our ongoing mission to deliver fast, affordable, reliable broadband connectivity to maritime customers,” explains Brent Bruun, executive vice president of KVH’s mobile broadband group. “The TracPhone V3-IP offers a complete end-to-end solution for managing both IT functions and communications on board a variety of maritime vessels. It delivers data at up to 2 Mbps over mini-VSAT Broadband, the world’s leading maritime VSAT service. It’s similar in size to competing L-band systems, but delivers data at a far lower cost, especially for vessels that consume a relatively low amount of data each month.”

The TracPhone V3-IP is the latest in a series of satellite communications systems that operate with KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network, a unified C/Ku-band network powered by 14 Ku-band transponders and 3 C-band transponders, and covering 95% of the Earth’s surface. Launched less than six years ago, mini-VSAT Broadband has already grown to become the world’s leading maritime VSAT network, according to industry reports released in 2012. TracPhone V3-IP and TracPhone V7-IP are Ku-band antenna systems, and TracPhone V11 is a dual-mode C/Ku-band system.

For more information about the new TracPhone V3-IP, introduced in Singapore at Sea Asia 2013, visit KVH’s online Press Room.

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